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Best Choices



Lotus Root Salad

prawn, pork, seasonal herbs, fried shallots,  roasted peanuts (gf) 12.95

Sài Thành Slaw

red and white cabbage, roasted peanuts, red onion, fried shallots,  seasonal herbs (gf) 8.95, add poached chicken 3.45

Som Tam

green papaya salad, dried shrimps, Thai chili (spicy!), green bean, tomato, roasted peanuts (gf) 9.95, add lemongrass pork 3.45

Five spiced Pork Buns

scallion, cucumber, cayenne pepper, house made sweet bean sauce 9.95

Soi48 Wings

Mary’s chicken wings, fried garlic, scallion house chili sauce (gf) 9.95

Chicken Satay

grilled chicken, house made peanut sauce, pickled cucumber, shallot (gf) 8.95

Beef, Pork & Veggie pan fried Dumplings

shitake mushroom, vermicelli, onion, cabbage, leeks, carrot 8.95

Spicy pulled pork french fries

house made spicy mayo, scallion, fresh cayenne chili 9.50


chả giò–fried spring roll, shrimp, minced pork, carrot, shallot, jicama, woodear mushroom, chả giò chay-fried spring roll, mung beans, carrot, tofu, woodear mushroom (vegetarian) 9.95

gỏi cuốn–fresh summer roll, poached shrimp, pork, veggies, fresh herbs, rice noodle,  sprouts (gf)

gỏi cuốn chay–fresh summer roll, tofu, veggies, fresh herbs, rice noodle,  sprouts (vegetarian) 9.95




Claypot Fish

white fish in caramelized shallots sauce, fresh cayenne chili, jasmine rice (gf) 16.95

Claypot Veggies

shitake mushroom, baby bokchoy, carrot, onion, scallion, house made vegetable sauce, jasmine rice (gf, vegan) 12.95

Braised Eggplant

eggplant, scallion, fresh cayenne chili, organic jasmine rice (vegetarian) 12.95

Chicken Red Curry

chicken, thai eggplant, long green bean, pineapple,  carrot, kaffir lime leaves, jasmine rice (gf)


Thai Fried Rice

crispy pork belly, carrot, tomato, hen egg, scallion 11.95

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

jasmine rice, home made citrus garlic chili sauce (gf) 13.95

Oodle Noodle Bowl

sprouts, carrots/daikon pickled, cucumber, mixed greens, roasted peanuts(vegetarian, vegan) 9.95, lemongrass chicken/pork/tofu 3.45


chicken, beef, or vegetable, rice noodles, beef bone broth

served with fresh basil, sprouts, chili, lime, chili sauce(gf) 11.95

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